Hibernating Further

2019 | performance-maker , performer

Duration: 40 -45 minutes

Concept, choreographer, video installation and dance performer: Jaskaran Anand
Composer and Sound Artist: Steve J. Sutanto
Percussionist: RENU (Renu Hossain)
Costume: Jaskaran Anand with Afra Sonmez
Stage Design: Jaskaran Anand
Documentation video: Yazdan Zand & Stefan Fuchs
Live-stream dramaturgy: Stefan Fuchs
Post production video editing: Jaskaran Anand
Supported by: Linz Impulse 2019, DorfTV Linz, and Art University Linz

Performance in India was supported by: Art University Linz, Bundeskanzleramt Austria via Philosophy Unbound Vienna and Department of Art & Design, Chitkara University, Rajpura, India.
Special Mention: Stefan Fuchs & Julia Del Rio for technical help in Linz, Enrique Tomas, and Interface Culture Department, Linz
Photos: Patricia Cadavid

Upcoming dates:
Hibernating Further performance @ Angewandte Innovation Laboratory (AIL), Franz-Josefs-Kai 3, 1010 , Vienna
under the exhibition "Toxic Temple =" @7pm;
by Kilian Jörg and Anna Lerchbauemer

May 2020:
Hibernating @EuroSpar Salzburg

The project aims to throw light upon the psychological behaviour of the human mind relating it with the ongoing ecological problems in the society. The project “Hibernating Further” has two interdisciplinary performances: 12-15 minutes, titled “Hibernating” & 45 minutes “Hibernating Further” ; and a sound-video installation.

The behaviour of plastic, by definition in Oxford dictionary, is to form and deform. Taking the definition of plastic in the broader sense, the performance while addressing the current climate issue brings focus on the plasticity in the human mind and psychology: how different fragments of information shape the human mind and the human psychology. Jaskaran stresses on the need to be aware of our own actions and thoughts, meanwhile keeping attention towards the representations in the world that have the power to influence our thoughts & actions. He suggests that while we are finding a solution to the “problem of plastic”, we also need to focus on finding a solution to direct the unnecessary information entering our mind. With this project he also brings attention towards divide and rule political strategy via the concepts of capitalism, media consumption, racism & political power models.

The 45 minutes interdisciplinary performance also called " Hibernating further" with sound, video, dance, interactivity and technology for spreading the awareness towards the theme of plastic in our daily life.
An interdisciplinary performance with sound, video, dance, interactivity and technology for spreading awareness towards the theme of plastic in our daily life.
Like the behaviour of the plastic the performer Jaskaran Anand shapes himself in different roles throughout the performance. He acts as the guide. an elegant ballet dancer, an observer, a plastic promoter & a plastic lover going in a certain state of trance depicting the clearing of an overload and eventually a philosopher.
In the performance the audience is involved to interact with different plastic materials leading to a feedback-loop sound-installation and him, who is wearing a beautiful plastic dress. There are two video works, edited by Jaskaran, which are part of the performance representing media oriented information around the use-abuse-alternatives of the material plastic, meanwhile throwing light upon the concepts of capitalism, media consumption & political power models.
He involves live sound production in the performance through condenser microphones (audience interaction) and body contact microphones- piezo(s) (from the duet between Jaskaran and plastic).

Trailer Hibernating further performance from Jaskaran Anand on Vimeo.

Trailer from Hibernating performance (12-15 minutes version)

Upcoming projects

Hibernating Further @ Angewandte Innovation Laboratory (AIL), Franz-Josefs-Kai 3, 1010, Vienna
under the exhibition "Toxic Temple " @7pm;
by Kilian Jörg and Anna Lerchbauemer
Playful Bodies
@ Brunnenpassage , Vienna