Let's Play

2017 | director, video work

Concept, Direction, Camera and Editing: Jaskaran Anand (At/IND)
Performers: Anna Eser (AT/DE), Dominika Strozewska (PL), Lukasz Czapski (AT/PL), Marcin Denkiewicz (AT/PL)

Winner or Loser? Who are you and from who do you get influenced?

Which language is powerful? Which information is understood?

A video project derived from the ideas of cultural colonialism depicting the manipulation of information by the one in power.

It is an experiment to see how the psychology of a person is reacting to when s/he has achieved a certain power.

The text in the video is produced as a result of a real time interview with the participants and the three language edited version of "5 Rules to win the game of life" by Brendon Bruckhard.

Upcoming projects

Hibernating Further @ Angewandte Innovation Laboratory (AIL), Franz-Josefs-Kai 3, 1010, Vienna
under the exhibition "Toxic Temple " @7pm;
by Kilian Jörg and Anna Lerchbauemer
Playful Bodies
@ Brunnenpassage , Vienna