No Smell in Outer Space

2019 | collaborator, performer

Concept: Sandra Chatterjee and Amahl Khouri
Implementation: Sandra Chatterjee
Choreography and text: Sandra Chatterjee in collaboration with Jaskaran Singh Anand, Suzette Sagisi, Duduzile Voigts
Research: Sandra Chatterjee and Amahl Khouri in collaboration with Varsha Dewan (India)
Philosophical input: dr. André Grahle
Music: RENU (Renu Hossain)
Light: Andi Kern
Production / PR: Council & Culture Office
Production Assistance: Jane Bräuer

Paris. A renowned perfumer sees a Hollywood movie playing in space. Suddenly the scary realization: she understands the universe as a place without smells!

Munich. A search for clues: exploring the secret history of smell, its poetic and political aspects. Which myths, which narratives are entwined with scents and smells? Through movement, archives, interviews and anecdotes Sandra Chatterjee and her artistic team navigate through new, old and unexpected secrets of the surrounding worlds of fragrance in Egypt, Europe, India and Oman.

Solo (text and dance) on the smell of HING (an indian spice)

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