Transcending Egos

2019 | teacher

Initially the workshop was named as "Moving Energies" (2016-2018) and "Moving Ego's" (until 2019).

An emotional journey of a self via the physicality of the body, Transcending Ego’s is a body-brain oriented physical workshop combining the meditative, sports, body awareness, and self-awareness practices.

The focus of the process is to dive deep in the know-how of the body to further enjoy the in-between journey of the “I” and the trained psychological self of an individual. Playing with the perception of time and digging deep into the physical limits of the body, the process is idealized to drive oneself to a point where it can perceive from a distance the process of one’s own sensation and find their own perspectives to the idea of what “I” do and why “I” do, considering that there is nothing wrong or right in the discovery of an individual's core.

Upcoming projects

Hibernating Further @ Angewandte Innovation Laboratory (AIL), Franz-Josefs-Kai 3, 1010, Vienna
under the exhibition "Toxic Temple " @7pm;
by Kilian Jörg and Anna Lerchbauemer
Playful Bodies
@ Brunnenpassage , Vienna