A New Day

2018 | choregorapher, performer
Last performance: 2018

A social dance project supported by Linz Kultur

Concept: Jaskaran Anand
Performers: Jaskaran Anand and Marcela Lopez
Video and Editing: Michael Kern
Place: Landstrasse (Linz/Austria)

Write what you feel and post it!

A social dance project to share your emotions and smile to the person next to you.

2 dancers, five times a month (5 days, each day for two hours) interact with the public on the main street of the city of Linz. The initiative to foster appreciation towards every being in the society and towards one's self in what one has achieved so far ain their life, rather than running in a "robotic life" to achieve the next big thing and overlook the people. The initiative to convey the social behaviour of appreciating the unknown walking next to you. The idea aims in stimulating openness in the Austrian society to interact with the person next to you and add a new personal space in the day-to-day travel, by sharing the emotions in the open space. In addition to this, the effort is to spread smiles and the joy of stimulating the warmth hidden like a jewel inside the society.

Make a change #anewday

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